Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If your specific question is not covered do not hesitate to contact us via email on bookings@prontotransfers.com.au or contact us telephonically.

Before you book

How do I make a booking on your website?

Follow the Bookings Link on our home page of our website and complete the required information.

We will then be in contact as soon as you have completed to online booking to confirm your transfer.

What information do I need in order to book?

We require a date and time for pickup, pickup and destination address, number of passengers, at least one passenger’s name and contact details.  If there are flight arrivals or departures applicable,  please let us know your flight number too. Also let us know whether you have any additional requests or requirements.

I cannot find a route I want to book. What to do?

Our booking system allows for you to either book to or from the Sydney Airports to other popular places or suburbs.  As soon as you have placed your booking our customer services team will be in contact to confirm the exact pickup and destination details.

You are very welcome to contact our customer services team to book your transfer telephonically, alternatively email us on bookings@prontotransfers.com.au and we will be in contact to finalise your booking arrangements.

How do I pay for my transfer?

We have an online  payment gateway available on our website where you can pay with your credit or debit card on checkout.

Please contact us if you want to do a direct transfer to our bank account before your passenger transfer takes place.  Direct transfers need to be cleared in our bank account at least 48 hours before your scheduled passenger transfer.

Corporates can apply for an Account of 7 day terms.

Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

Yes, you can request as many stops as required at the time of your booking.  If it is something like a 5 minute stop to pickup an item or additional passenger en-route to your final destination then there will be no extra charge.

We do however have Hourly and Day Rate services.  Please discuss your specific requirements with us to cater for your exact itinerary.

Before you travel

What luggage entitlement will I have?

Every passenger is entitled to one suitcase and one hand luggage piece.  Extra luggage pieces will have an additional charge, if the vehicle has the capacity.

Where will I meet the driver when I arrive?

Your driver will meet you in your hotel lobby or at the pickup area right in front of your hotel.  Your driver will text 10 minutes before your scheduled pickup time to confirm the exact place where he/she will be waiting for you.

At the Sydney Airports your driver will request you to text or ring him/her as soon as you have collected your luggage.  You will then follow the Green Signs to the Priority Pickup area where your driver will head to, too as soon as you have texted.  Your driver will then meet you in the Green Priority Pickup area.

At any other pickup point your driver will wait for you in the street / parking area right in front of the pickup address.

What happens if I can’t locate my driver?

On confirmation of your booking, we will send you the details of your driver.  You will have the driver’s name, contact telephone number, a photo and registration number of the vehicle.

Your driver will be at the pickup point at least 10 minutes before scheduled pickup time and will text you with his/her exact location.

Please feel free to contact the driver directly if you cannot locate your driver at any point of time.

My group size has changed, can I choose another vehicle?

If your group of up to 3 passengers has increased then we can upgrade you to a people mover that can carry up to 7 passengers.  There will be an upgrade fee.

If your group of more than 3 passengers has decreased to 3 or less passengers, we can downgrade you to a sedan and refund you the difference is price.

If you require a vehicle that can carry more than 7 passengers we can upgrade you to a mini van at an upgrade fee.  Alternatively we can cater for the group with more than one vehicle.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

How long will the transfer take?

We usually book out 60 minutes for every transfer booked with us, to allow for traffic conditions.  Most transfers from or to the Sydney airports and Sydney CBD and Cruise Terminals are usually 30 – 45 minutes.

We utilise Google Maps and NSW Traffic reports to establish the journey time and liaise with passengers if their are significant expected delays to take into account on pickup times.

We suggest arrival at the Sydney Domestic Airport at least 60 minutes prior to departure and at least 3 hours before departure at the Sydney International Airport.